Elken CalMax

What is ELKEN CalMax

CalMax is a premium source of ionized calcium which is easy to consume and also easily absorbed by the body. It is important for us to consume ionized calcium, it is the faster calcium attains ionic state in stomach, the faster it gets absorbed in the intestines. Un-ionised calcium will pass through the body undigested and unabsorbed. Let CalMax play an important role in your life today as a safeguard for optimal bone health.

The Markets ONLY Ionised Calcium Produced Through Electrolysis.

Elken CalMax contains Calcium with Vitamin C metabolites, pine bark extract, bioflavonoids complex and mineral ascorbate that is manufactured using Advanced Patented Technology for enhanced antioxidant properties. Its neutral pH is gentle on stomach.

At the age 20 to 30, all of us are at the prime of our life. The life is full of activity and responsibilities, but brittle bones and osteoporosis are far from our minds.

Do you know, 90% of your body’s calcium store in your bones? Young adults will need to adequate calcium in their diets so that they can maximize the calcium in their diets and storage it in their bones. World Health Organization statistics show the average young adult requirement for calcium is as high as 1000mg daily. This is equivalent to 3 cups of milk or 4 cups of yoghurt or 7 slices of cheese. According to the national survey of nutrition, the average calcium consumption among Malaysian is only 303mg, which is just 30% of their daily requirement.

Can you imagine consuming such huge amounts of dairy products just to meet your daily requirement for calcium?


  • Naturally sourced from premium oyster shell
  • Superior absorption rate at 97.4 %
  • Enhanced formulation with Calcium Magnesium in optimum ratio
  • Will not burden our body
  • Reduce wastage

Contains highly bio-available ionized calcium. It is water soluble with quick disintegration time under 4 minutes ensuring quick and rapid absorption. To support and strengthen a healthy bone structure and to maintain healthy cellular functions.

Recommended consumption:-

Adult : 3 capsules after meal twice per day.

Child : 2 capsules after meal twice per day.

Expectant Mother: 5 capsules after meal twice per day.

Available in 30, 90 and 180 capsules pack.




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